The Nubay platform of open source software provides specific applications as well as the tools to create customized solutions for non-profits.  
Here are some specific applications that are commonly used:

CRM Solutions - Clients, Volunteers, Partners

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) applications provide a versatile database capability that starts with managing information about individual contacts.  Contacts can be donors, volunteers, staff, clients, partners - just about any type of individual, household or organization that your organization needs to track and manage.  Nubay uses CiviCRM as it's CRM solution.  CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM application for non-profits with nearly 10,000 installations around the world in over 30 languages.

Email Marketing

Donors, clients, partners and staff all rely on email communications from your organization.   Email Marketing is shorthand for sending lots of emails - in bulk, one by one, or via "drip" sequencing. Leading email marketing applications all provide a common set of featuers - content authoring, templates, open and click through tracking, customization and more.  CiviMail is the email marketing component of CiviCRM and offers all of these features.

Event Management

Events are often the lifeblood of non profit fundraising.   But many non profits also have active calendars related to the services they provide - workshops, trainings, seminars and more.  CiviCRM includes a fully integrated Event Management solution.   On its own it offers a feature set that matches dedicated event management applications.  As with all of CiviCRM, the Event Management module is fully integrated with the contact database and uses the Contribution/Payments module for Events that have fees.  And, naturally, CiviMail works seamlessly with Events.

Web Forms and Surveys

One of the most powerful reasons for combining Web Content Management Systems (CMS) and CRM is the integration of web forms with "back end" data.  Web forms are great for entering data but the real power comes from a full integration with CRM data without having to write any code.  Drupal and CiviCRM are integrated through the use of a special Drupal module that provides "out of the box" integration.

Payment Management

Payment Management is used to collect any form of payments on your web site.  Donations, event registration fees, membership payments and more can be paid using CiviCRM and any number of popular payment processors.    Payments are recorded across all applications providing a full perspective on financial support from donors and other constituents.

Case Management

CiviCase is a tool for tracking and managing sequences of interactions between people in your organisation and contacts in CiviCRM.  Cases can be defined using workflow rules, user roles, task/activity timing and sequencing.  Reminders are sent using CiviMail features.

Membership Management

CiviCRM's Membership component can be used to create and manage memberships.   It tracks payments and renewals using automated reminders.    Membership types can be created using rolling or fixed calendar dates with auto-renewals as an option.   Active members can be used to manage discounts, event participation and other features.

Outcomes Tracking

Outcomes are a key measure of non profit effectiveness.   But too often outcomes tracking becomes a cause unto itself rather than a tool for non profit administrators.  Nubay believes that to be effective technology that enable outcomes measurements must be "baked in" to operational procedures and not place additional burdens on non profit managers.  In fact, outcomes measures should offer a direct benefit to those managers.   Nubay has developed custom modules and extensions that combine with CRM features to capture and report on key outcomes metrics for non-profit organizations.

Knowledge Management

As a web content management system (CMS), Drupal provides the essential capabilities for knowledge management from document categorization to permissioned access.  CRM integration extends KM to include staff and others who are the category experts.  A knowlege management system on the Nubay platform can be implemented in hours and grow slowly and steadily to support an organization - without any additional cost, just basic planning to manage growth.