Volunteers for Your Cause

Volunteers are essential to the mission of so many non-profit organizations.  A founding principle of Nubay is that technology skilled volunteers are available and eager to use their skills for good.  Whether it be in "retirement" or part of corporate initiatives, there is no shortage of technology skilled veterans eager to use their skills for the betterment of all.

At Nubay, we believe that this volunteer pool can be most effective when there is system in place that gives them the tools required to apply their skills.   That is why we have built what we call the Nubay Platform.  We have volunteers who are actively creating and improving the platform.  We also recruit volunteers who want to work closely with non-profits whose missions they personally support.   If your non-profit has access to such volunteers, Nubay's role can be to provide the platform and provide training and second level support to your volunteers.

Nubay Ten

Nubay encourages ongoing volunteer service - the kind of service that allows a volunteer and a non-profit organization to become familiar with the needs and interests of each.   These combinations allow for expertise to be developed and transferred each way.   Nubay's program is called "Nubay Ten".  Become a Nubay Ten volunteer and help Nubay serve the technology needs of its non-profit clients.

As a Nubay Ten volunteer, you commit to providing ten hours of pro-bono service - per month, per quarter, or whatever time frame makes sense - your choice.  We'll try to pair you up with a non-profit that needs and deserves your assistance.    We promise to respect your time availability and scheduling needs.  

Interested?   Let's talk.

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