Integrated Solutions

Silos are bad - at least, for information systems.   So, if integration is good, how to achieve it?   At an affordable cost?  Without restricting flexibility?

Usually, the database is the key.   And a database architecture that allows and encourages integration is essential.   The Nubay solution is focused on the needs of non-profits.  But we are also committed to solutions that are best-of-class.  And integration enables best-of-class solutions.  Fortunately, one of the key reasons for adopting an open source approach is that open source by its very nature encourages and enables integration.     An open database architecture/schema allows components to be built and integrated seamlessly and with less effort.

A simple but extremely powerful path to the features and capabilities afforded by integration is to combine an open source CRM database with an open source Website Content Management System (CMS).    Our CRM solution is CiviCRM - a CRM application that is totally focused on the needs of non-profit organizations.   Our CMS options include Drupal - the most powerful open source CMS platform and WordPress the most popular CMS.   CiviCRM offers unsurpassed integration with each of these world class Content Management Systems.

Here are some of the benefits of a truly integrated system:

  • Webforms that link directly to a CRM database.   Completed forms update the database.  Forms can be pre-populated with information from the database.

  • Email communications are trigged by database entries.   Other communications reflect database information.  All improving results

  • Reports shown on web pages are accurate and reflect current data.

  • Complex workflow and process applications can be created without coding.

  • And many, many more applications are possible.