Your organization's success is directly dependent on how effectively you can utilize the software that is included with the Nubay platform.  Nubay recognizes that non-profit organizations are frequently not able to have computer experts on staff yet need technical support to be successful.   We also recognize that support needs vary, sometimes widely, across non-profit organizations.   Some after getting started are largely self-sufficient.   Others require more assistance on an ongoing basis.    And often clients move from one type of need to another and back again.

Our model is to provide flexible support options that can be utilized when and how you need them.   We start with a cloud hosting package which is fully configured with most all of the software components you need to be effective on day one.   Our goal is to assemble open source applications that are "productized" to compete effectively with commercial, proprietary applications.   This productizing standardizes solutions for more effective usage and support programs.

Beyond the hosted platform, we provide and/or faciliate support that is tailored to the needs of our clients from largely "do it yourself" clients to those who require more extensive assistance.


Hosting mangement is the foundation for your open source applications.  Nubay cloud hosting is uniquely comprehensive and provides a complete solution for using open source applications.     Our hosting services provide a dedicated virtual server - referred to as an "instance" on the Amazon Web Services platform (AWS) which is sized and scaled for your application needs.   Your application performance is never restricted by shared resources with other hosted applications. 

Your instance is fully configured with the core applications - CiviCRM and Drupal.   We include over 200 Drupal modules that extend the core Drupal features and fully integrate with the CiviCRM database solution.    These modules along with dozens of CiviCRM extensions are curated and tested before inclusion within the Nubay platform.  In addition, Nubay recognizes that all clients are not the same and additional modules and extensions may be required by individual clients.  We review and add these capabilities as appropriate for individual clients.   We also review and add new features from time to time as new module and extensions are releases.

Getting Started

A strength of the Nubay platform is the full integration of website content management (Drupal) with a crm database (CiviCRM).   As a result, the system can support an extraordinary range of applications as itemized here.     Getting started with these applications can be as simple as starting by doing basic contact management for donors, clients or other consitituencies.   More ambitious programs can be designed as part of the initial configuration or added incrementally.  The system is adaptable for either approach.

A typical startup involves importing existing contacts and related data followed by on-line training sessions for using CiviCRM and Drupal features.   Nubay offers consultation to clients for designing a program that is appropriate for the client.   

Applications Assistance

Beyond startup assistance, a common client request is the desire to expand usage and take advantage of the many capabilties of the system.    Nubay support services welcome these requests and provides suggestions for the best methods to implement new capabilties.   


What happens when "it doesn't work"?      Troubleshooting can take many forms but usually it is either an issue with the software or how the software is used.    The former may be a bug.  The latter sometimes (but not always) is referred to as user-error.   Regardless of the reason, the goal is to respond rapidly and solve or provide a workaround for the issue.    Nubay (and the Civi community at large) can address such problems from its experience as well as knowledge of other resources provided online via product documentation and user forums.