First Literacy

First Literacy’s mission is to ensure that adults with low-literacy or limited English proficiency have high-quality educational opportunities that enable them to thrive as individuals and as family members, in their workplaces, and in their communities.  

Their work focuses on building the capacity of adult educators and programs so they can better meet the complex needs of adult learners, as well as supporting adult learners themselves on their path to higher education.

First Literacy programs:
•    Offer free best practice workshops for teachers and other adult education professionals;
•    Encourage, support, and share innovative practices, curriculum and resources through First Literacy Lab program grant initiatives; and
•    Award scholarships and provide support for adult learners who are starting college.

First Literacy uses the Nubay applications platform to manage their workshops registration process, communicate with stakeholders including Board members, program and event participants, scholarship recipients, and to manage donations.  A key capability is the use of CiviCRM Events to manage on-line registrations including notifications of programs and communications pre and post registration.   The CRM based donor management activities track all donor activities using the same database that is used for event management.