iFoster - Managing and tracking foster youth programs

iFoster envisions, designs and implements programs that ensure that each child in foster care gets what they need in time, love, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential.   iFoster needed a way to track their client through a process for training and placing foster youth in jobs.  iFoster coordinates its programs in conjunction with a network of foster care services agencies.  Referrals into the program and status updates for partners are important requirements.    Further, iFoster needed a way to preserve client confidentiality while tracking their clients through the services as delivered.   For outcomes metrics, they also need to capture and report on services utilization to demonstrate effectiveness of their programs.

Using CiviCRM on-line documentation, an iFoster executive created their program management application in less than a week of elapsed time.  The application continues to work  "flawlessly" as described by iFoster two years after creation.

Recently iFoster has turned to Nubay for a new program tracking resources provided in conjunction with AmeriCorps for youth transitioning into jobs and higher education programs.