Nubay's Vision

Nubay has a mission and a vision for fulfilling that mission.    Here is how we think about it.


  • A cloud platform with a comprehensive suite of applications tailored to the operating requirements of non-profits.  The suite is fully maintained, upgraded and supported.   Improvements are continuous and broad based. 
  • The platform is accessible via the Internet by anyone anywhere with the appropriate privileges.  Staff and volunteers can work within and across applications efficiently and logically.  Things that should be integrated ARE integrated.   
  • There are NO licensing fees for this platform.  The cloud hosting service costs less than the monthly cost for a single cell phone.   
  • Technology skilled volunteers can apply their skill using a known platform and suite of applications.  Volunteers can help non-profits at any time and from any location.

Is there any question that such a platform would be a game changer for nonprofits?   Nubay has developed the platform and is now offering it to nonprofits.  Contact us if you want to see what our imagination has created.