The CiviCRM Open Source Community

And Why It Matters To You

"A cloud platform with a comprehensive suite of applications tailored to the operating requirements of non-profits.  The suite is fully maintained, upgraded and supported.   Improvements are continuous and broad based." 
(From the Nubay Vision)

Comprehensive, Continuous Improvement, Broad-based.   How is this possible with zero licensing costs?    That's the beauty of open-source.   But more than that there is a community - the CiviCRM community - that is committed to these goals. 

With over 10,000 nonprofit organizations, worldwide, and hundreds of contributing developers the Civi community is all of this and more.  Combine all of this with a deep commitment to nonprofit causes, you have a community that is unparalleled.

At Nubay, we participate in this community directly and indirectly.  Our commitment is to bring the extraordinary and growing set of capabilities to nonprofits who need them.

So, when you "buy into" CiviCRM as your CRM solution, you become a part of this community and are, whether directly or indirectly, contributing to all of the causes who benefit from CiviCRM.