How can a nonprofit organization use a CRM?

A CRM for NonProfit Organizations

If you've heard about CRM software, you might know that CRM's are one of the most common applications used by corporations to manage their sales and customer relationships.   In fact, CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management.

But what if you are a nonprofit?  You don't have "customers", right?     But you do have "constituents" and a lot of them.  You probably have donors, volunteers, partners, and most importantly clients benefiting from your services and much more.   And for many nonprofits, your daily activities revolve around many of these contacts in ways that are unique to your organization or nonprofits that are similar to yours.

A CRM for nonprofits should make it easy to do the following:

  • Track donors and receive, process and record donations.
  • Manage and communicate with volunteers - who also may be important donors.
  • Create and manage events - for fundraising but also if events/classes are central to your mission
  • Manage memberships with payments and renewals
  • Manage cases to schedule and monitor case related activities - with a workflow that is customizable per your unique services.
  • Communicate with all of your "consituents" via emails, texts and traditional/postal communications
  • Provide reports and reporting tools for capturing and reporting the outcomes that your nonprofit delivers.

And then, there are the things that don't neatly fit into an existing bucket - how your organization serves your community and delivers results.    Things that you have resorted to spreadsheets to somehow keep up with the data you create and use on a daily basis.

A CRM for nonprofits can integrate all of these activities and constituents in a consistent way with a database designed specifically for nonprofits.    In some ways, the right CRM can be the data center for your organization.

Nubay has build its solution using CiviCRM and other open source solutions to give you a CRM that is not only designed for nonprofits but is integrated with your website and enhanced to allow the customization required to match your organization's requirements.