Hand Holding - How much support do you need to use a CRM effectively?

CiviCRM Support from Nubay

Let's face it - data management can be challenging.   And despite some claims to the contrary, a "serious" CRM application does require planning and implementation work.

But, for organizations that invest the effort, the end can more than justify the cost in time and money. 

Nubay has chosen CiviCRM as an "anchor tenant" for our suite of open source software for nonprofits.    We believe that Civi offers a combination of capabiltiies that minimize or even eliminate the cost customization that other CRM solutions require.   But just as importantly we are committed to our clients' success and  for that we invest time and expertise to maximize your value and minimize your costs.

We refer to the CiviCRM Support we provide as hand-holding - the assistance necessary to get you up and running and competent and comfortable with your ability to initially use and over time expand your usage of the capabilities provided by CiviCRM in conjunction with Drupal.

For most systems, the majority of work is over the first 90 days of an implementation - everything from data cleanup to importing data from other applications, developing priorties and processes and then staff training.  

After that things settle down, ongoing support tends to be "How can I do ...?". 

How much hand-holding will you need?   That depends.  We're happy to discuss your unique requirments and help your understanding of what is ahead.