The Nubay Team

Nubay is a team and a community.  The community of open source developers along with Nubay staff,  volunteers and contractors is broad, talented and committed.   We are a virtual organization spanning the globe creating a unique combination of capabilities.   As a virtual organization, we can meet a broad range of non-profit requirements.     While we benefit from the extensive and growing open-source applications, we also are committed to contributing to the open-source community.  With a special focus on the needs of non-profits, we develop and sponsor key features and solutions for use by our clients and other members of the community.

Here are the members of our team who have played key roles in creating and growing Nubay.  We look forward to moving forward with an ever growing team.    Contact us if you'd like to be a partner in our mission.

Dave Tarrant

Executive Director, Founder

Prior to founding Nubay, Dave started and managed a number of early stage software companies.  His software career started in the early days of the microcomputer industry and continued through the dawning and spectacular growth of the Internet.   He long ago realized he was addicted to the excitement, potential and corresponding risk of new ventures.

With Nubay, Dave combines his experience in starting organizations with the satisfaction of working with non-profit organizations that are doing admirable and  important work. He believes in the value and leverage of skills-based volunteering in service to non-profits.


Phil Currier

Director, Systems Architect and Developer

Phil bills himself as a pro-bono geek.   Typically understated, he is not so much a geek as an enthusiastic, creative and multi-talented software industry veteran.  He is our lead developer and has taken ownership of our AWS development enabling Nubay to scale our technology to support an ever increasing number of non-profit clients.  Perhaps his most notable contribution is his unlimited patience as he takes Dave's "suggestions" and turns them into real solutions for Nubay's clients.


Rick Treitman

Director, Evangelist

Rick is an Adobe executive with a passion for great software and non-profit causes.   His software industry experience combines a practical yet ambitious perspective to the Nubay board of directors.  With Rick’s involvement, Adobe provides corporate financial support to Nubay.


Rick Strode


Rick is the guy who makes Nubay and its clients look good.     He combines marketing common sense with design that works.    As creative director for major agencies and corporations, his portfolio and experience are invaluable to us.    And, his passion for helping non-profits makes him a perfect fit for the Nubay team.