Mass Affordable Housing Alliance

Massachusetts Affordable Housing  (MAHA) educates and mobilizes individuals and communities to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership across Massachusetts.

MAHA uses the Nubay platform to host their primary website at as well as their CiviCRM database.

MAHA's usage of CiviCRM and Drupal predated the formation of Nubay.   While their experience with the applications initially met their needs, they found that their ability to upgrade and improve their usage was limited.   As a result security upgrades had fallen behind and the look and feel of their site was in need of an overhaul.

Nubay helped transition to the most current versions of CiviCRM and Drupal.   As their versions were quite old, Nubay exported and them imported their data into newer versions of the sofware.  Beyond that, Nubay helped manage a new design for their site and the development of a new Drupal theme to implement that design.

MAHA's uses CiviCRM to manage their ongoing classroom programs for educating first time home buyers.  With Civi's Events module, MAHA uses templates for each standard course they offer and creates new events by simply changing the dates and summary information for the events.  These changes are automatically reflected on their website as new courses move into the time range for display on the site.   As courses pass their registration dates, they automatically are removed from the current website pages.

Civi manages course registrations including on-line notifications when classes are fully registered allowing participants to elect another course at a later date.   Class payments via credit card payments are managed by the Civi payment processor modules.

Other features employed by MAHA are automated email notifications prior to classes.