CRM Solutions - Clients, Volunteers, Partners

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) applications provide a versatile database capability that starts with managing information about individual contacts.  Contacts can be donors, volunteers, staff, clients, partners - just about any type of individual, household or organization that your organization needs to track and manage.  Nubay uses CiviCRM as it's CRM solution.  CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM application for non-profits with nearly 10,000 installations around the world in over 30 languages.

Referred to as "Civi", CiviCRM includes much more than contact management.   It's power and differentiation are due to the way it seemlessly integrates contacts, events, memberships, payments, case management and more.  For details about CiviCRM, check out the CiviCRM Website.  CiviCRM is considered a "mature" open source application as recognized by the number of users, contributors and overall activity.  Here is the summary analysis by the Black Duck sponsored OpenHub web site:

Here is an example of a contact management page from CiviCRM.   Note the "360 degree" view of all info about the contact including Contributions, Memberships, Events and more.