Outcomes Tracking

Outcomes are a key measure of non profit effectiveness.   But too often outcomes tracking becomes a cause unto itself rather than a tool for non profit administrators.  Nubay believes that to be effective technology that enable outcomes measurements must be "baked in" to operational procedures and not place additional burdens on non profit managers.  In fact, outcomes measures should offer a direct benefit to those managers.

Nubay has demonstrated the use of open source applications for the purpose of recording, tracking and reporting metrics that can be used in support of non profit management and development staff.    A CRM database with website integration provides an excellent starting point for tracking key metrics.  For example, webforms can be used to capture goals and activities.   A CRM database is well suited to managing client data including time series data that track performance and results.   Web pages can show views of the data with appropriate access permissions.  Most importantly, these data can be provided to "on the ground" managers in a timely manner.

Nubay has developed additional modules that facilitate detailed tracking of activities as they occur and as part of natural registration and event attendance.