Harlem Lacrosse

Harlem Lacrosse provides athletic and academic enrichment programs for inner city youth in NY, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Baltimore.   As Harlem Lacrosse expands its programs, Nubay supports their data management requirements for managing, tracking and reporting the metrics used to evaluate and sustain these programs.

To address these needs, Harlem Lacrosse needed an efficient and distributed way to track individual students attendance at althletic and educational activities.   Nubay solved this problem by sponsoring the development of a new open-source Drupal module that integrates Drupal Views and activities managed in the CiviCRM database.  Actvities such as team and study hall attendance are tracked and correlated with relative school progress to demonstrate and validate the impact of the programs.   Beyond the needs of Harlem Lacrosse the Nubay sponsored development can now be used by other non-profits to track the services that they provide whether it be for public sector reimbursements or as part of ongoing grant applications.