Why Nubay is a non profit

I was asked once again yesterday why Nubay is a non-profit.   With such a good solution for non-profits, why not set up as a commercial, for-profit company?

To me the answer has always been obvious but it got me thinking about how to best explain the thinking.

For me it comes down to what is the best way to bring the power of our solutions to the most non-profits - how to eliminate the barriers to usage.

As a non-profit we can be an "honest broker" whose mission is simply to help non profits.  It helps us stay focused on the right answer not the one that makes money for Nubay.

As a non-profit we can enlist the help and support of other non-profits who share our goals of efficiency for non-profit management.

As a non-profit we can qualify for capacity building grants directly and on behalf of our clients.

As a non-profit we can enlist volunteers who have the same motivation - helping the needy by helping the organizations who serve them.

And, on a personal basis, it is just more fun to do it the right way.  I am reinforced the number of people and organizations who say "how can I help?"