Nubay provides a fully configured and integrated platform of open source applications for non-profits.   There are no license fees for this technology

We host the platform using Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances.  AWS is the leading provider of "cloud" hosting solutions.   The choice of AWS allows Nubay to select from the best open source applications for our clients and integrate them on the same hosted platform.  By assembling these applications on a common platform monitoring, backups and other management and support tasks can be simplified and automated.   Our AWS instance use what is called the LAMP stack.   That is, Linux operating system, Apache web servers, MySQL database and PHP programming language.  These are the most popular technologies used on the Internet.

Two open source applications act as the "anchor tenants" for Nubay - Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) and CiviCRM.  A comprehensive integration of these two popular web applications/frameworks permits non-profits to benefit from the following component applications: