Nubay Principles

Nubay was founded as a non-profit to provide a social benefit.  These are the core principles that guide our organization.  We present them here as an overarching strategy:

  • Our mission is to use our technology skills and experience to help non-profit organizations.
  • Our first priority will always be the successful use of appropriate technologies by our non-profit clients.   We will measure ourselves by increased effectiveness for our clients in relation to the cost of our services.
  • We are to be a trusted partner for our clients.    Our judgments on their behalf should never be affected by a Nubay focused motivation.
  • We believe in the effective combination of tools and expertise. We are biased towards the use of open-source applications for reasons identified.
  • We will use technologies that are low cost but never at the expense of quality or effectiveness. 
  • We understand that every dollar we save our clients is another dollar that can be used for their core missions.  Every hour we save our clients is an hour that can be applied to their core missions.