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The right side of history - to borrow the phrase.

Another indication that open source is a good (no, great) bet - an open source email template building application called Mosaico

CiviCRM partners are integrating with CiviMail - making it an even better alternative to commercial email offerings.  Great example of open source community working together and creating phenomenal solutions.   And it will keep getting better and better ... 

Two blizzards

Blizzard of '78 - no email, no internet, no cloud applications - all we could do was strip wallpaper from our new home.
Blizzard of '15 - watch the storm rage, hope all are well, and work at full capacity.  
Nubay is a virtual organization.  Volunteers can help non-profits from any location.  Neither rain nor snow nor ...
Pretty cool (and cold) - what a difference 37 years makes!

A thin envelope with good news

It just arrived without notice - a thin envelope, the size prospective college admits hate to see.

But this was from the IRS and contained good news for Nubay - a 501(c)3 status approval. A long wait - over 18 months - with a positive result. 

Validation and legitimacy for Nubay and its mission.  Here we go!

Why Nubay is a non profit

I was asked once again yesterday why Nubay is a non-profit.   With such a good solution for non-profits, why not set up as a commercial, for-profit company?

To me the answer has always been obvious but it got me thinking about how to best explain the thinking.

For me it comes down to what is the best way to bring the power of our solutions to the most non-profits - how to eliminate the barriers to usage.

Technical food

Just thinking about the "why Nubay?" question...What if you knew where there was a lot of really good free food - and you knew a lot of hungry people?  Well, that's what we're doing with Nubay - helping the technically deprived take advantage of some really great and free technology!