Join our team!

Nubay is putting together a team to take our pilot stage experiences and scale our activities from dozens of non-profits to hundreds and then thousands.   Our plan is ambitious and we need to fill out our team with great people who want to have a big impact on the non-profit sector.

Here are some of the key positions we want to fill:

Chief Technology Officer
This is a founder level position.   We are looking for superstars who have "done it before" and now want to use their skills for a broader purpose.   You know who you are and if this is the right time to make a lasting and significant contribution to our society and the people who support the causes that matter.   Interested?   Easy to take the next step - just send an email to with a link to your LinkedIn profile.  We'd love to talk.

Operations Manager - Client Services
Nubay doesn't just recommend - we actively help the non-profits using our platform of open source solutions.   We need a manager for our Client Services operations.   This key position will focus on providing support to clients but more importanly leveraging learning across the broad base of clients we support.  Too many non-profits are "on their own" when it comes to technology best practices and solutions.   Our Client Services team will work closely with our documentation and knowledge management initiatives to scale the expertise Nubay brings to the non-proft sector.

Volunteer Manager
We are committed to enabling volunteers that want to help non-profits succeed.  Our focus is on "skills based" volunteering.   We call them our Nubay Ten volunteers.   (The Ten refers to their hourly commitment, not the number we want!) Our manager of our volunteer network would identify, recruit, train and match volunteers with non-profits that can use some help from experienced practitioners in related fields.

Documentation Manager
This role will bring together the materials for training, documenting and otherwise educating our volunteers and clients in the use of the Nubay open source platform.   This role will take advantage of state of the art remote training and knowledge management tools to leverage our common efforts and experiences for the benefit of all non-profits.

Let us know

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send an email to - ideally with a LinkedIn link to your profile.  Or if you know someone who might be a candidate, please pass this along.